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TIAMAT is a software designed to support integrated distributed Future-oriented Technology Analysis (FTA). It's model supports FTA workflows, in which some FTA methods are executed as strategic FTA, and the others as operational FTA.

TIAMAT has been developed in COPPE/UFRJ as an proof of concept of our FTA approach. Our goal is to provide a high-quality support information to decision-makers through collaboration.

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TIAMAT designed is organization-oriented. Our goal is to be an decision-making tool. TIAMAT helps the translation of the decision-makers needs into FTA studies. Our concept is to allow TIAMAT users to create FTA Workflows, improving the organization forecast capability.


TIAMAT allows distributed and integrated FTA. Organizations spread worldwide benefit from this because the FTA may be done broadly and deeply into the organization, minimizing the chances of organizational myopia.


TIAMAT is easily adaptable to almost any organization because it supports multi-level nested FTA, e. g., an FTA as a step of other FTA. The organization controls in which FTA granularity they are comfortable to work with, and the effort size to achieve the FTA results.



The Brazilian Navy provide us the initial requirements to implement TIAMAT. However, our approach has broader applications than military use. The Brazilian Navy goal is to use the TIAMAT as a important tool to gather technological information about suppliers and competitors, generating supporting information to decision-makers.


The Alternative Energy Sources is a project sponsored by the UFRJ to stimulate the collaboration among the UFRJ researches which study any discipline related to the alternative sources of energy. Among the project goals is to catalogue whom is working which technology then propose ways to integrate their work to improve their results. At this point, TIAMAT is a relevant tool to organize their work, supporting the data and experience data. Although they are not supposed to support any decision-maker, the generated support information is feed back to the researches, giving them a more comprehensive idea of their fields.